Review of La Favorita [Leith Walk, Edinburgh]

I recently had the pleasure of going to La Favorita on Leith Walk in Edinburgh.

The meal I had was as follows (starter and main from the lunch menu, dessert from the normal menu):

Classic Tomato & Mozzarella

Spaghetti al Ragu

For dessert I had a banana split, but I can’t find the exact name on the online menu..

The mozzarella and tomatoes were very fresh. As I don’t enjoy fresh tomatoes I’m afraid I rejected them (sorry!). The spaghetti was nice but I find spaghetti falls into the trap of ‘comfort food’ and I made a mistake ordering it. I’m of the opinion that certain things, comfort food especially, you just wanted made your way. And as such, should never order out. I find spaghetti is one of these. It was very nice, don’t get me wrong!, but not my Mama’s. And the banana split was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Enough bananas, ice cream, cream, and nuts to keep me happy.

Overall, while I wouldn’t go out of my way for it, it was a nice lunch. If someone suggested it to me in the future I’d go again, but I doubt I’d suggest it first.


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