Review of the Floatarium [Stockbridge, Edinburgh]

I’ve always found the idea of sensory deprivation interesting, especially considering that I have tinnitus and I’ve wondered how loud, exactly, it was. So when I found out through word-of-mouth that there is a sensory deprivation tank (“floatarium“) in Stockbridge, I figured it was a great use of a day off work.

Walking into the spa, it was like every other spa in that it was pristine and clean. After signing a basic I-promise-not-to-sue-you agreement, I was taken downstairs to the floatarium. Now, I have to say, it was dingy and kind of dirty downstairs. I wouldn’t recommend walking around without footwear, for one. And the room the floatarium was in could use some good drywalling and patching.

The actual floating, though, was excellent. After standing through a 5-to-10 minute talk about all the great “health benefits” (which, to my ears, sounded very  … alternative medicine) I was finally allowed to float. I closed the pod, turned off the light, and listened to some classical music. They eventually turned the music off and I floated in silence and darkness. Now, the pod does get very humid so I did open the lid near the end. What they didn’t warn me of, though, was that when my time was ending they’d turn the music back on. I actually jumped up and nearly hit my head then because I did not expect to hear music again!

After the float they allow you 30 minutes to shower (and they recommend you shower well, unless you want dried salt all over you!) and time to dry your hair in a separate room. I spent the time texting my husband about the experience, personally, but I’m sure people who care about how they look would like the time they allow to preen!

Overall, I did enjoy it. It cost £35 for an hour, which does mean I can’t exactly do it often! But for a good, relaxing break it was great fun and I felt very relaxed for days afterwards.


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