Review of Pomegranate [Leith Walk, Edinburgh]

Recently, after my Floatarium visit, I went to Pomegranate on Leith Walk.

Pomegranate is a Middle Eastern-style restaurant. Being married to a 1/2 Persian means that I really love Middle Eastern food. I ended up at Pomegranate around 2pm and, funny enough, there was only one other customer in the place. As it was, I spent the whole time speaking to the waitress who was moving back to Turkey in a few weeks to get married (aww!).

For a starter I had the halloumi, which is absolutely gorgeous. For my main I had chicken shawarma wrap which was less than ideal. Personally, I think I was accidentally given the lamb instead. It was nice enough but I wouldn’t order it again.

Overall, I highly recommend Pomegranate. The atmosphere (whether it’s full or empty) is amazing & very welcoming. I always leave with a smile when I eat there.


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