I swear I remember I have a blog..

My good friend Amy keeps asking me why I don’t blog more.. I figure I probably should start as I do enjoy writing in small bursts and I LOVE reading other’s blogs.

So consider this a fresh start in the blog of me!

My name is Brandi, I’m 26 years old, and live in Edinburgh with my husband & cat. I’m originally from a small dot of a town in central Illinois and went to university in southern Illinois. I have two brothers – one 9.5 years older and one 9.5 years younger – who I miss daily!

I’m currently working on digging out of my student loan debt – it’s a staggering amount of $36,984.62 (£22,507.69) as of today. Who knew one bachelor’s degree could cost so much?!

I hope to use this blog more & can’t wait to “meet” y’all!



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