Surprise! You have coeliac disease

To expand on the previous post..

Several years ago (~2007) I had several problems that caused me to visit my local university doctor. Over the space of several months – and something like fifteen blood tests! – he diagnosed me with pernicious anaemia (b12 deficiency) and sent me on my way. One of the panels he had done was for coeliac disease (or celiac if you’re American!) but it was negative.

Fast forward to 2014 and the problems I had in 2007 were coming back full-force. Despite having vitamin b12 injections every other month (standard is every 3 months in the UK) I was still feeling horrible all the time. I went back to the gp – in another country than the last – and was a bit melodramatic (‘I can’t live like this’ was uttered..) All I really wanted was more b12 but he referred me to a gastroenterologist. He thought it was likely IBS but ordered some blood drawn anyway.

The blood test showed an increase in the antibodies that meant it might be coeliac disease. He referred me for an endoscopy & biopsies. The biopsies showed the same thing as the blood test – coeliac disease.
The journey to get my endoscopy was another story, involving Aruban hospitality.

I digress.

Once the endoscopy was done (as you still need to be eating gluten up until this point) I managed two days eating gluten before deciding to go gluten free while waiting on the results. I had more or less decided it had to be coeliac disease. My last meal with gluten was a bacon roll, ha!

I have to admit I’m still grieving for the loss, which I know is a bit daft, but I miss being carefree. I miss being able to eat anywhere. I miss not worrying about cross-contamination in my own kitchen or other’s kitchens.

Maybe one day I won’t feel like this is a big deal.. but not today.


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