Coeliac disease in Edinburgh

Over a year on, having coeliac disease is second nature.

I was always happy, growing up, to have no food allergies/sensitivities/etc. When this changed I was quite upset. Not unreasonably so, I don’t think, but still upset.

Now it just is. I pack snacks when I know I’ll be out. I make sure my stuff is marked with little “gluten free” stickers in the family fridge. I have my own butter, mayo, etc.

That said, having an advocate for you makes this process easier. My husband is a rockstar – he finds us places to eat on holidays, answers questions when (well meaning) relatives try to feed me, and just generally supports me 100%. The (sad) look in his eye when he eats something he’d know I’d love makes me smile. Just because gluten is bad for me doesn’t mean it’s bad for him. So, yes, he still eats gluten-filled things. And makes sure he brushes his teeth after!

Edinburgh, in particular, is relatively easy to eat out gluten free. I have a few preferred places but even if I end up somewhere new I can (generally) find something I can eat. Except the zoo. Literally nothing I could find except ice lollies! (Note to Edinburgh Zoo – step it up! You can provide the correct food for the animals but what about us human-shaped-animals!?)

Feel free to leave comments/questions about gluten free in this lovely city!


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