Six Years in Scotland

On September 12th it will be my six year anniversary of arriving in the UK – cat in tow. Imagine it’s a warm (80 degrees F) day in Illinois. Your older brother is driving you to the airport with your cat .. when the car overheats while in a traffic jam – so you need […]

Coeliac disease in Edinburgh

Over a year on, having coeliac disease is second nature. I was always happy, growing up, to have no food allergies/sensitivities/etc. When this changed I was quite upset. Not unreasonably so, I don’t think, but still upset. Now it just is. I pack snacks when I know I’ll be out. I make sure my stuff is […]

Surprise! You have coeliac disease

To expand on the previous post.. Several years ago (~2007) I had several problems that caused me to visit my local university doctor. Over the space of several months – and something like fifteen blood tests! – he diagnosed me with pernicious anaemia (b12 deficiency) and sent me on my way. One of the panels […]

Coeliac disease

I’ve spent the past month going through the stages of grief in regards to coeliac disease. Yes, I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. Coeliac disease being that lovely little autoimmune disease that means you can’t eat gluten – which is found in wheat, rye, & barley. On the one hand I’m happy to finally know […]

My favourite thing

My favourite fact to bring up when people think they’ve figured me all out is: I moved to the UK with three suitcases and a cat. Yes, I brought my cat to the UK with me when I moved. When my husband and I started dating I remember, very vividly, telling him that we were […]

I swear I remember I have a blog..

My good friend Amy keeps asking me why I don’t blog more.. I figure I probably should start as I do enjoy writing in small bursts and I LOVE reading other’s blogs. So consider this a fresh start in the blog of me! My name is Brandi, I’m 26 years old, and live in Edinburgh with […]

Review of Pomegranate [Leith Walk, Edinburgh]

Recently, after my Floatarium visit, I went to Pomegranate on Leith Walk. Pomegranate is a Middle Eastern-style restaurant. Being married to a 1/2 Persian means that I really love Middle Eastern food. I ended up at Pomegranate around 2pm and, funny enough, there was only one other customer in the place. As it was, I spent the whole […]

Review of the Floatarium [Stockbridge, Edinburgh]

I’ve always found the idea of sensory deprivation interesting, especially considering that I have tinnitus and I’ve wondered how loud, exactly, it was. So when I found out through word-of-mouth that there is a sensory deprivation tank (“floatarium“) in Stockbridge, I figured it was a great use of a day off work. Walking into the spa, it was like every […]